Preliminary results of the first court hearing in the case of Apple and Epic Games: Fortnite will not return to iOS in the near future, however, the judge temporarily banned Apple from deleting Epic accounts and ending support for Unreal Engine on its platforms.The first hearing was held on August 24 at Zoom.

Following the meeting, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers issued a preliminary opinion, partially satisfying Epic’s request to ban a number of Apple’s actions for the duration of the proceedings. She also noted that this process does not look unambiguously advantageous for any of the parties.

Preliminary results for Unreal EngineRogers stated that she would not “give any concessions regarding games,” but considers it right to support Unreal Engine.;

  • At the moment, Apple will not be able to delete Epic Games accounts and prohibit Unreal Engine support on iOS and Mac devices.
  • According to the court, the “harsh” actions of the company can harm not only the reputation of Epic, but also other studios using this engine;The judge noted that companies have the right to sue each other, but their disagreements should not harm third-party developers.;
  • According to Rogers, Epic Games did not violate any agreements and agreements with Apple regarding Unreal Engine;
  • the decision was also influenced by the fact that in case of termination of Unreal Engine support on Apple devices, third-party developers may refuse to use the engine;
  • The judge also believes that it will be difficult for Apple to challenge the fact that deleting developer accounts will directly harm Epic and the industry as a whole.
  • Preliminary decision on Fortnite

The popular battle royale will not return to iOS, as the “current predicament” arose solely through the fault of Epic;

Rogers has scheduled a new hearing for September 28.

  • The meeting will also be held in Zoom;Apple and Epic Games will have to prepare new petitions and counter arguments within a few weeks;
  • the new hearing should help to issue a preliminary injunction.
  • It will determine whether Apple has the right to apply sanctions against Fortnite and other Epic Games products;a full trial may not begin until next year.
  • Epic representatives say that they will need from four to six months to prepare, while Apple calls for a longer period — about ten months.Also on the topic:

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