Pixel Licker Games company is going to reboot its Slayin project in the near future. 

Ninja, trainer and archer will appear in Slayin 2.0. Each class has a unique fighting style. The features are demonstrated in the new trailer of the project.

The gameplay of Slayin resembles a mixture of endless runner and RPG. The game has a sweet retro design in the style of platformers for 8-bit consoles. The gamer’s task is to fly through the levels with great speed and destroy as many monsters as possible. When you die, the race ends and you have to start chasing monsters from scratch.As you progress, you score points and unlock new characters.

Slayin was released by the German company FDG Mobile Games, which works not only with mobile platforms, but also with digital services Xbox Live, WiiWare. The project was invented by Pixel Licker Games. On the official website of the studio there is a free version of Slayin on Flash.

Source: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk