Last week, the authors of Borderlands joined the Embracer Group. According to rumors, Microsoft was interested in buying Gearbox before the Swedish holding. That’s just among the conditions was the resignation of the head of the studio Randy Pitchford (Randy Pitchford).

Information about Gearbox’s negotiations with Microsoft appeared online on February 3 — the day of the developers’ deal with Embracer. Insider Brad Sams wrote about the failed purchase on Twitter. However, he did not tell why the companies still did not agree.

Later, this rumor was partially confirmed by Jez Corden, editor-in-chief of the Windows Central portal. Last Saturday, during a stream, he clarified that he had indeed heard about Microsoft’s plans to make a deal with the authors of Borderlands. However, subject to the dismissal of Randy Pitchford. However, Pitchford himself refused the corporation’s offer.

Corden clarified that what he had told was nothing more than a rumor. Therefore, he cannot vouch for its truthfulness.

Now Pitchford is still running Gearbox. The deal with Embracer also did not become an obstacle to the studio’s cooperation with 2K, the publisher of the Borderlands series.

Recall that on February 3, the Swedish holding together with Gearbox acquired two more gaming companies. Easybrain and Aspyr Media have also joined its ranks.