Nintendo has announced the Top 10 titles from independent developers that are best sold for the Switch console in the eShop branded web store. Celeste platformer by Matt Thorson and Noel Berry became the sales leader.

Recall that sales of Celeste on Switch by the number of copies sold also overtook their editions on PC and consoles.

Nintendo did not provide exact figures for titles. The indie game sales rating on Switch looks like this:

  1. Celeste (Matt Makes Games)
  2. Enter the Gungeon (Dodge Roll)
  3. Fast RMX (Shin’en Multimedia)
  4. Golf Story (Sidebar Games)
  5. Kamiko (Skipmore)
  6. NBA Playgrounds (Saber Interactive)
  7. Overcooked Special Edition (Ghost Town Games)
  8. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (Yacht Club Games)
  9. Stardew Valley (Chucklefish)
  10. SteamWorld Dig 2 (Image and Form)

According to Damon Baker, the head of the department for work with partners of Nintendo America, for the first time in the history of Nintendo, digital copies of third-party games sold better than their physical counterparts. It is worth noting here that a number of indie titles are published only in digital.

Among the reasons for the success of the Nintendo Switch as an indie platform, Baker singled out multiplayer, a portable console format and a sense of nostalgia that is often caused by games of independent developers.

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