Newzoo analyzed the MAU of the main games on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 over the past month. The report not only shows the popularity of projects like Fortnite and GTA V in different countries, but also gives an idea of Sony’s dominance in specific regions (especially on the example of Japan).Analysts say that this year the total revenue from games in the world will be $ 159.3 billion.

Noting the growth of the industry as a whole, Newzoo compared the number of monthly active players in three countries: the United States, Great Britain and Japan.

US market indicators for JulyThe most popular title was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, reaching a MAU of 12.1 million players.

  • At the same time, this is the only project whose MAU is ahead of PS4 on Xbox One;The second most popular game in July was GTA V.
  • As in other projects, its MAU on the Sony console is higher than on the Microsoft platform;NBA 2K20 also got into the top 5.
  • She also has the biggest gap in MAU (4 million players on PlayStation 4 versus 1.6 million on Xbox One)The main console games of July in the USA by MAU

British market indicators for July

as in the USA, Call of Duty takes the first place, but with a preponderance towards the PlayStation 4;

  • instead of a basketball simulator from Visual Concepts — FIFA 2 0.
  • This is due to the high popularity of football in the UK;Also, MAU Fortnite and GTA V on PlayStation 4 is more than three times ahead of similar Microsoft console indicators;
  • the rest of the list of popular projects turned out to be similar — with the only difference that in the USA Xbox One has a little more popularity than in the UK.
  • The main console games of July in the UK by MAU

Japanese market indicators for July

Sony is the undisputed leader in this region.

  • The MAU of games on its console is dozens of times ahead of Microsoft’s performance;the most popular game in the region in July was Apex Legends (the total MAU was 1.46 million players), several times surpassing the competitor in the face of Fortnite;
  • Third-person games are especially popular in Japan.
  • Ghost of Tsushima took the third place (345 thousand active players), and Monster Hunter World after the July update rose to the second (437 thousand players).The main console games of July in Japan by MAU

The Newzoo report clearly shows the difference in popularity of certain games and consoles depending on the region.

This is especially evident in the example of Japan, where Microsoft has not been able to find a sufficient audience, and Xbox One sales began in this region a year later than the global launch.

In the next generation, Microsoft plans to increase its popularity in Japan by making a simultaneous start of sales in all countries. The company also began to include more and more traditionally Japanese series like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy in the Xbox Game Pass subscription. However, the PlayStation 4 is now showing much better numbers not only in Japan, but also on average around the world.

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