Bill Gates’ company took an unexpected step in the hope of surpassing Sony PlayStation 4 in sales. Microsoft launched the Xbox All Access initiative. According to its terms, the user receives a set-top box (Xbox One X or Xbox One S to choose from) and a subscription to two main gaming services. In return, he will have to pay the company a certain amount every month for two years.

The cost of the subscription fee depends on the selected Xbox model. Those who want top—end hardware will have to pay $34.99, while those who like soap pictures and 30 frames per second limits will have to pay $21.99.

After 24 months, the console officially comes into the possession of the player. After that, he can keep the Xbox for himself and not pay for services — Xbox Game Pass, which provides access to the platform’s new products, and Xbox Live Gold, which allows you to play multiplayer.

The initiative is not yet permanent. Microsoft said that the service will be available for a limited time and exclusively in the United States. That is, we can talk about it as an experiment.

Now there are more and more such experiments concerning the distribution of games and aimed at popularizing platforms for their distribution. For example, just this summer, Electronic Arts introduced the Origin Access Premier subscription, subscription access to the company’s new products.

Source: Microsoft