Czech MADFINGER Games, known primarily for AAA games for mobile, decided to make an exclusive for PC. Along with the platform, the company will also change the engine — the novelty will be developed not on Unity, but on Unreal Engine 5.

Photo: MADFINGER Games
According to MADFINGER Games, she decided to go beyond smartphones after she appreciated the scale of the new project.

“This game is too huge and ambitious to be a limited platform with less productive hardware [compared to PC],” the company wrote in a press release.

The studio assumes that the novelty will be the biggest MADFINGER Games game to date. This is partly why the company is switching from Unity, which it has been working on for the past ten years, to Unreal Engine 5.

Little is known about the game itself yet. The company only announced that it would be a realistic and hardcore AAA first-person shooter. How the title will be called and when it will be released approximately is not disclosed.

“I’ve always wanted to create online worlds, and finally their time has come. It’s going to be an ultra—realistic hardcore FPS, and we love it!” said Marek Rabas, CEO and founder of MADFINGER Games.

MADFINGER Games opened in 2008. Among the most high-profile games of the company were the shooters Dead Trigger 2, Unkilled and Shadowgun Legends. Although most titles were released only on smartphones, there are releases on “big” platforms on the account of the Czechs. For example, Shadowgun Legends was released including on the Nintendo Switch. Also previously, some of the employees of MADFINGER Games participated in the creation of such games as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Quantum Break, Hidden & Dangerous 2 and Vietcong.

It should be noted that recently more and more large mobile studios are starting to pay attention to PCs and consoles. At the beginning of last year, MYTONA introduced the multiplayer AAA shooter The Day Before. Later, Vizor announced work on the PvP action game Blood of Heroes and the UFL football simulator. In August, Nekki announced the PvP action Spine – its first project for PC and consoles.