Krafton has become one step closer to entering the stock exchange. The willingness of PUBG owners to apply for an IPO this month became known shortly after the South Korean company reported annual revenue of almost $1.5 billion.This was announced on Twitter by analyst Daniel Ahmad (Daniel Ahmad).

A few days ago, The Korea Herald also noted that the IPO itself could take place in the second or third quarter.

According to a January Bloomberg article, experts expected the company to enter the Korean Stock Exchange no earlier than the second half of 2021. However, against the background of increased indicators, Krafton probably decided to speed up the process, which could raise its valuation to $27.2 billion.

The revenue of PUBG owners for the last fiscal year amounted to $1.49 billion (an increase of 54% year—on-year), and the company’s operating profit was $690 million (an increase of 115% year-on-year).

Krafton earned the most on mobile platforms — $ 1.2 billion (an increase of 145% in annual terms). At the same time, total revenue from consoles and PCs fell by 41% and amounted to “only” $237 million.

It is also worth noting that PUBG Mobile’s revenue is much higher — last year it became the highest-grossing mobile game, earning $2.6 billion. In this case, Krafton gets only part of the revenue — after the commission of Apple and Google, as well as the share of Tencent, which was responsible for the development of the title. At the same time, the Chinese giant also owns 13.21% of the South Korean company.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Krafton will develop and publish his next mobile project, PUBG New State, independently.