Electronic Arts is once again accused of using loot boxes. This time the case is taking place in Canada, where two citizens saw a violation of the local criminal code in the actions of the company.

The plaintiffs filed a lawsuit on September 30, but the situation has only begun to be actively discussed now. The authors of the statement are Mark Sutherland and Shawn Moore. They emphasize that they represent not only their own interests, but also any other Canadian who has encountered loot boxes in EA games.

Sutherland and Moore argue that Canada’s criminal code prohibits gambling, betting and lotteries. It is gambling mechanics that the plaintiffs see in EA games, although the corporation has repeatedly called loot boxes just “fun kinder surprises”.

The accusing party also states that the EA management always knew perfectly well that it was violating the law, but did not take any action about it. Sutherland and Moore are now seeking damages in connection with competition laws, business practices and consumer protection.

The Canadians themselves bought loot only in two titles of the company: Madden NFL and NHL. Nevertheless, 60 more titles are listed in the accused list of games. Among them: Battlefield, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, Dragon Age and Plants vs Zombies. The plaintiffs also point out that this list may include “other games with loot boxes that they don’t know about yet.”

A month ago, EA was criticized because of incorrect advertising in a children’s magazine. It directly talked about the need to buy packs with football players for FIFA 21.

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