On the eve of the E3 exhibition opening this week, the analytical firm Newzoo has released a new report with forecasts for the development of the gaming market until 2016. According to the experts of this company, the main driving force will be games for smartphones and tablets.

According to their forecast, global revenue this year will be $70.4 billion, which is 6% higher than last year. The largest growth dynamics (11%) is expected in the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America (11%). The fastest growing product category in 2013, surprise, will be mobile games (35% growth to $12.3 billion). 

In the coming years, Newzoo analysts forecast an average annual revenue growth of 19% in the segment of games for smartphones and 48% for tablets. In 2016, products for smartphones will bring in $13.9 billion, and for tablets – $10 billion. The total share of mobile games in the global revenue of the gaming industry will be 27.8% (with a forecast for 2013 – 10%).