MAU Epic Games Store jumped to 61 million people. The online peak of 13 million users was also recorded. All this is thanks to the distribution of GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar was distributed as part of The Vault campaign, which started on May 14. Along with this hit, the popular games Sid Meier’s Civilization 6, Borderlands: The Beautiful Collection, etc. became free in the store for a while.

The action attracted increased attention. The above-voiced MAU of 61 million and peak online of 13 million people were recorded. Due to the influx of users, the store “fell” for several hours.

As Epic Games notes, this year the store is growing at a “historic pace.” Nevertheless, its main indicators are still lower than those of Steam. Eg:

  • MAU of the latter — more than 90 million people (as of January 2019);
  • online peak — 23.5 million simultaneous users (recorded in March 2020);
  • in addition, the number of accounts in the Valve store has exceeded 1 billion.

Epic Games Store was launched in December 2018. It is famous for the constant distribution of games (both AAA-class and indie), including novelties.

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