A number of children’s and family apps are bothering parents of underage players.

Картинки по запросу Baby Panda's Carnival

Baby Panda’s Carnival is one of the apps that outraged parents
According to NBC News, a group of 22 lawyers filed a complaint against Google.

They represent the interests of consumers who demand an investigation into Google Play.

The authors of the complaint stated that a number of applications displayed on the site may violate the Law on the Protection of Children’s Privacy on the Internet. Here are some of the applications mentioned in the complaint:

  • Preschool Education Center and Top 28 Nursery Rhyme, which get access to the player’s location data (according to appcense analysis);
  • Baby Panda’s Carnival and Design It Girl, which send advertisers information about a mobile device;
  • Dentist Game for Kids and Doctor X & the Urban Heroes, in which, according to the authors of the complaint, there is unacceptable content.

Parents are also concerned that some children’s apps have purchases built in.

The business model of the Google Play family section enriches advertisers, developers and Google at the expense of children and parents. Google puts a seal of approval on apps that violate the law by forcing children to watch ads and make purchases.

Josh Golin

Executive Director of the Campaign for Childhood-Without-Advertising

In turn, Google representatives noted that the company takes the protection of minors very seriously and tries to block all unacceptable applications.

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