Last December, a record average number of daily downloads for 2013 was recorded in the United States. At the same time, there was a slight drop in the cost of a loyal user. 

According to the Fiksu report for December, the average number of daily downloads of iPhone apps from the American App Store reached 6.4 million. This is a record figure since February 2012, after which Apple started a war with bots (recall, in January 2012, the number of free downloads was 6.79 million). 

Impressive is not only the figure, but also the dynamics. Back in November, the number of downloads of the top 200 free apps (Fiksu counts only their figures) was 5.7 million. It feels like a huge number of Americans have been waiting for Christmas to buy themselves or their loved ones a new iPhone. 

At the same time, the cost of a loyal user (loyal is the one who runs the application three or more times) started falling. There was no significant reduction in price compared to November, but the trend of the average price decrease from $1.79 to $1.75 is pleasing. 

Fiksu explains it for two reasons.

Firstly, after buying a new device, users, first of all, download not the applications that are currently advertised, but those they already know.

Secondly, marketers, according to Fiksu, have become smarter, and therefore do not spend all the money only at Christmas, but “smear” the budget from Cyber Monday to New Year.

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