The success of the Farm Heroes Saga title on Facebook prompted King to port it to iOS and Android. Now users can enjoy another “royal game” on mobile devices.

The title suggests harvesting (animated carrots, onions, water drops, etc.) three-in-a-row until the moves run out. The main goal of each level is to collect the required amount of a certain type of crop.

Gradually, the complexity increases, and new “actors” appear – chickens, flowers and buckets of water. At the same time, players can use boosters that help to cope with the tasks. It is these magic tools that are offered to be bought for real money.

There are 160 levels in the mobile version of the game. Those who have progressed further in the social version will have to wait before continuing their saga on iOS and Android devices. However, already now they can go through the previous levels again to get extra points, unlock animals and earn more beans.

Farm Heroes Saga can be found in the App Store and Google Play in the free apps category.