Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout from Mediatonic launched on August 4 on PC and PS4. In the first day, it received 1.5 million players and 520 thousand simultaneous views on Twitch. The developers were not ready for such a success.

About the game
Fall Guys is an online multiplayer game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital.

In it, 60 players are trying to reach the finish line, bypassing various obstacles.

In just a day, Fall Guys entered two charts at once: the game took first place in terms of the number of views on Twitch and got into the top 10 Steam in terms of the number of simultaneously active players.

About the reasons for success

Nathan Grayson from Kotaku explains the huge interest in the game for three reasons.

An unusual marketing strategy

During the first public testing, Mediatonic acted atypically for most developers. The company not only distributed beta keys to streamers, but also allowed them, in turn, to share the keys with viewers. Then even those people who usually don’t watch broadcasts started doing it to get access to the game.

Cooperation with PlayStation

Fall Guys was also released as part of the shareware August distribution on PS Plus. You can get the game for free if you pre-purchase a subscription to the site. Considering the number of subscribers (40 million), this move also turned out to be successful.

Exit at the right time

Last but not least, success is associated with the release of the right game at the right time, says Nathan Grayson. In his opinion, the classic version of the royal battle has tired the gaming community, and Fall Guys offers a new concept within the niche.

About load problems

However, such a rush led to not the most pleasant consequences: servers were laid down and players began to complain about problems with connecting to Fall Guys. To cope with the influx of players, Mediatonic was forced to turn off PS4 users, but this did not help – the difficulties with the game continued until this morning.

The wait for normal operation was so long that 1.5 thousand players wrote angry reviews of the game on Steam and dropped the rating from “Mostly positive” to “Mixed”. The developers had to ask the gamer community not to give low ratings due to a glitch, but to wait until the game gets in order. After that, the Fall Guys rating returned to positive.


Mediatonic Limited is one of the largest independent British studios. She has developed Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Foul Play, Murder by Numbers and dozens of other games. Part of the Tonic Games Group.

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