The Facebook social network has opened the Instant Games platform within the closed beta, which allows users to play with each other in a chat and news feed.


To start the game, it will be enough to click on the gamepad in Messenger (it will be located in the message menu) and select the appropriate game, which will immediately start. The user who accepted the message will receive a link to the session. You can also send an invitation in the chat.

The platform will also allow you to play HTML5 projects in the news feed. Players will be able to share their favorite game and brag about the points scored in it.

At the time of the launch of the closed beta, Messanger offers 17 games. Including Pac-Man, Arkanoid, Space Invaders and Words with Friends. There is also a game from a domestic developer, the Game Insight team, among them – The Tribez: Puzzle Rush. In all games, PvP is built on a set of points (whoever has more, wins).

Facebook has previously experimented with games that run in chat. Baseball has been played 1.2 billion times, Football 250 million times.

For the first time, the plans of the social network to launch such a service became known in early November.


Source: Facebook