Despite Epic Games’ refusal to publish Fortnite on Google Play, at least one of the company’s mobile games will still appear on the official Android marketplace.

Recall that the other day the founder of the company Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) announced that he would not release Fortnite on Google Play, because he was not satisfied with the economic model of the store. They say, it is necessary to give 30% of sales and put up with the fact that there is advertising in the search results.

It was fair to expect that Epic Games’ new policy would affect all of the company’s projects. But, it is quite possible that this will not happen. This is hinted at by the situation with the mobile game Battle Breakers.

If you now type the word “Fortnite” into the Google Play search, then the mobile store will tell you that the game is not available in the store. And immediately it will display not only a link to the mobile PUBG, but also to the page of the Epic Games battler expected soon.

The fact that this game is still planned for release can be explained by possible preliminary agreements with Google, which were concluded before the success of Fortnite, and by the fact that it simply has not been removed yet, and by the collected database of pre-registered users, and by the fact that the game, for obvious reasons, does not yet have a big name outside the site it will be very difficult for her to gain an audience.

Whatever the explanation, the game still has a Google Play page. And it may well happen that Sweeney’s policy regarding mobile releases on Android will be selective.

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