On March 19, Epic Games took a very generous step. The company has opened free access to all developers on Unreal Engine 4 to the graphical assets of Paragon. The developer decided to close the latter this winter against the background of the success of his other project – Fortnite.

What exactly did Epic Games provide to developers?

The list of assets that are now available for use by third-party teams includes:

  • 20 playable characters (with skins, animation, VFX and voice acting);
  • 1500 elements of the environment.

Epic Games estimates their total cost at $12 million. In addition, this spring and summer, the company plans to open access to additional Paragon content, which also cost the game developer millions of dollars.

You can download assets from this active link.

You can see the assets in action until April 26. It is on this day that Epic Games will close the Paragon servers.

Why is Epic Games discontinuing support for Paragon?

The game developer openly admitted in January of this year that since March 2016, when Paragon was launched as part of early access, he had not been able to “outline a clear development path for the game that would make a viable MOBA with a sufficient number of players out of the game.”

The decision to close was made after another Epic Games game became a hit. Thanks to the Battle Royale mode, the third-person action movie Fortnite not only overtook its main competitor PUBG in the user base, but also entered the top ten highest-grossing games in January on consoles and PCs.

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Source: Epic Games