Everyone knows last year’s story about the loud rise and scandalous fall of Draw Something indicators. The second part of the game, judging by the first results, repeats the fate of the original.

BTIG Research conducted a study according to which the powerful start of Draw Something 2 at the end of April this year was replaced by a rapid decline. 

At first, everything looked promising. In just two days since the release, the free version of the game on the iPhone App Store US has reached the 1st place in app downloads. She lasted a week on it, and on May 2 she moved to the 2nd place. She spent only three days on it. After May 5, the game was already in 31st place.

For comparison, the release of the original took place on February 1, 2012, and the first place in the top was achieved about a month later – on March 3. The game remained in the lead until April 4 (just two weeks after the acquisition of OMGPOP by Zynga) and finally slipped to 26th place on May 24. So the sequel “surpassed” its predecessor in terms of the rate of decline.

With earnings, Draw Something 2 is even worse. If the first part reached the third position in the Overall box office top (it took 2 months to fall to 70th place), then the cash peak for Draw Something 2 was 74th place. Now she is in the 168th position.

Charts: App Annie