At the end of last year, two general managers who founded the company in 2005 left Chillingo. The company’s chief operating officer, Ed Rumley, assures that their departure will not affect the business in any way. 

Chris Byatte and Joe Wee were at the origins of Chillingo, they also made the decision to sell it to EA in 2010. Moreover, they managed the company for more than three years already being part of the “electronics”. 

What caused their departure is unknown, but the current operating director of Chillingo, Ed Rumley, said in an interview with MCV that one should not expect a direct impact of their departure on the business. The company continues its planned transition to freemium rails, affecting all its divisions. 

Ed RumleyDuring this transition, there is also a reduction in the number of products produced.

The latter will allow you to focus all your efforts on supporting the released free-2-play projects. By the way, 70% of the company’s profit today is brought by free projects.

Their colleagues from EA Mobile, responsible for The Simpson’s Tapped Out, help to create free Chillingo games correctly.

Of interest: Ramli also said that the number of games in the App Store in 2013 increased by 40%. 

A source: http://www.mcvuk.comAbout the company: Chillingo is one of the first publishers of mobile games on the App Store.

He became widely known after the successful release of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. Based in Macclesfield, UK.