For using the name of the kingdom from a popular game – they can also sue. NCsoft has filed a lawsuit against a company using the name of the country from the Lineage series of games.


Lineage II: Revolution
The reason for NCsoft’s discontent was the mobile MMORPG Aden, developed by ITS GAMES.

NCsoft accuses ITS GAMES of illegally using names from Lineage in its game.

Aden is not only the name of the new game, but also the kingdom from Lineage. Moreover, the currently under development Lineage II: Revolution was previously known as Lineage II: Dawn of Aden.

Apparently, lawyers have reason to believe that this may confuse users, as well as the use of Lineage-related content on the Aden pre-registration site.

The lawsuit against ITS GAMES was filed in mid-August. The studio did not react to him in any way. In October, it was acquired by Netmarble, which is just creating Lineage II: Revolution under the NCsoft license.

By the way, Aden is also a city in Yemen, it stands on the shore of the Gulf of Aden.