Agawi has introduced the AppGlimpse streaming service, which transforms mobile advertising into trial versions of games. 

While Sony boasts of success in the field of game streaming, demonstrating the playability of the previous generation projects in streaming mode (although, according to eyewitnesses, the response rate is still noticeable), Agawi goes further, offering mobile device users to play directly in the advertising offer.

For the user, it looks like this: at some point in a particular application, a wall appears with an offer to try playing a new game right now. If the user agrees, then the game is loaded directly within the advertising banner in the streaming mode.

Ads with the game running can be closed at any time, or you can download the full version by clicking on the link in the store in the upper right corner of the ad. 

The AppGlimpse project wraps the advertised project in an advertising wrapper on its own. Agawi plans to launch the service in the first quarter of 2014 on iOS and Android.

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