Among the most popular search queries in February in the American App Store were Perfect Tower and Roblox. But special attention should be paid to the new coloring book — UNICORN 3D.

The company AdvertMobile has provided charts of the most popular search queries for iOS in the USA and Russia. The charts indicate which words and phrases related to mobile games users searched for most often in February 2018.

Charts show the number of hours that each query topped Trending Searches (a search page displaying the ranking of the ten most popular queries). There is also information about the applications that were the first to drop out for each request.


The phrase Perfect Tower was the most popular among iPhone gaming requests in February. As a rule, there was a game of the same name on it from the French publisher Voodoo, specializing in minimalistic projects.

Despite the popularity of the request, the game about building a tower of objects could not even get into the top ten most downloaded applications on American iOS by the end of the last month of winter.

But Roblox managed to do it, whose fans were persistently searching for the second part of the game worlds constructor. The Roblox 2 request took the first position on the iPad in popularity and helped the American game reach 9th place in the top of the most downloaded games on the App Store.

Special attention should be paid to:

A) Popularity in the American top of the Rules of Survival and Fortnite for iPad queries. It is not surprising that the PUBG clone found on them from the Koreans from NetEase became one of the most downloaded mobile games in February in the States.

B) The audience’s attention to the requests and, accordingly, the game of the same name UNICORN 3D. The project is the development of the concept of coloring books, which were very popular at the end of 2017. Its key difference from the domestic Sandbox Coloring that launched the trend and its numerous clones is three—dimensionality.


The situation with gaming requests in Russia in February is very different from the American one. There are no intersections: other queries and applications are in the tops.

On the Russian iPhone, the main gaming request of the month is “Tom for Gold”. There was a runner about cats and dogs “Talking Tom: Running for gold” on it. The game could also be found by another query included in the top ten – “Tom”. Despite this, according to monthly downloads, the game did not enter the top ten most downloaded App Store games in Russia.

The same applies to the game Driving Zone: Germany. This project was in the first place all February in the issuance of the most popular iPad request in Russia – “Racing”.

A source: AdvertMobile