Now you can download not only games, but also software from the Epic Games Store. The store even has a special section for them. There are only six programs available in it so far, but Epic Games promises that there will be more of them over time. One of their first programs of the section was — store of indie games without DRM.

Itch Io App

That’s right, there’s no mistake. We are talking about a full-fledged game store that is downloaded from another game store. After installation the user gets access to a database of 374 thousand games from independent developers.

There will be no integration of stores. Therefore, with games purchased in the store , Epic Games company is not going to take a percentage of sales. But the indie platform, thanks to the partnership, will potentially be able to increase its audience. — first of all, a platform for hosting simple games from novice developers. A third of the presented titles are generally launched in the browser. However, for example, one of the first PC builds Among Us appeared on it.

The key feature of the market is that the user decides for himself how much he is willing to pay for the game. The price set by the developer is the minimum for access to the game. But you can pay more.

In addition to the indie store, the new Epic Games Store section includes: an open source web browser Brave, an application for streaming music and radio iHeartRadio (so far only for North America), a generator of two-dimensional and three-dimensional models KenShape, as well as a graphic editor Krita.

Recall that the first non-gaming application available in the Epic Games Store was Spotify. It appeared in the store in December last year.

Epics plans to add programs such as Houseparty and Discord to their store in the near future. The first is a social network purchased earlier by Epic Games, and the second is a messenger, which is mainly used by players.