Like many of the “pioneers” of the social gaming industry, Crowdstar has long been reoriented to the mobile market, but has not been able to make money on it. An investment of $12 million may fix the situation.

More than a year has passed since the company’s management announced that it would no longer develop social games for the PC platform and was going to make projects only for the mobile market. Since then, there has been no word about high-profile releases or even the success of at least one game from the former Facebook giant. The company’s projects, according to the App Annie article, do not demonstrate decent results on any of the platforms.

Surprisingly, this did not prevent the company’s management from getting $12 million for two whole projects. Both will be released this year.  

However, there are few details about them. One of them will perfectly fit into the already existing line of fashion-themed games aimed at the beautiful half of humanity (Top Girl, Social Girl, Modern Girl, etc.), the other project will be somewhat different. Details have not yet been disclosed.

Taking into account the funds discussed above, to date the company has managed to “raise” $46.5 million. Naturally, in the current conditions, when the costs of marketing mobile products have jumped to millions of dollars, investments help to solve many problems faced by developers. 

They help, but they don’t solve it, because if the game is of poor quality, the funds invested in marketing will simply be wasted. And it is possible that in a year we will learn about the closure Crowdstar.