Minsk-based Vizor, which previously specialized in casual games for mobile, has introduced hardcore multiplayer PvP action for “big” platforms. It’s called Blood of Heroes and, judging by the first trailer, is made in the spirit of For Honor and the latest God of War.

However, the developers themselves compare it with another famous franchise.

We wanted to make a game that we would love to play ourselves: an evil, adrenaline-fueled world in the style of Dark Souls with PvP battles that do not forgive mistakes, with gladiator warriors without pity and fear,” said project manager Dmitry Voronov.

In Blood of Heroes, the player will fight with melee weapons one-on-one or “wall to wall” with other users. The developers promise a pool of six heroes with different abilities, as well as a wide range of fighting styles, weapons and techniques.

The closed beta test of the game starts on May 4. So far, it will be conducted only for the PC version. The application for participation can be sent from here.

Blood of Heroes

Blood of Heroes

Rumors that Vizor is making a multiplayer game for consoles on Unreal Engine 4 have been around for a long time. We wrote about this back in 2019. But already at that time the game was in development for more than two years.

At the same time, we wrote that back in 2017, the studio launched a division for developing games for a male audience, which has more than 100 employees. Half of them two years ago were engaged in fighting games, half — prototyping other console projects.

At the same time, Vizor continues to produce successful casual projects for mobile. At the end of 2020, she published the adventure Atlantis Odyssey, which, according to AppMagic, earns about a million dollars a month only on in-game payments.

Blood of Heroes

Blood of Heroes

Vizor is not the first mobile casual company that tries itself on “big” platforms in the hardcore niche. Earlier this year, Russian MyTona announced The Day Before, a multiplayer AAA shooter reminiscent of The Division.

The announcement of both games testifies to the PC/console diversification of mobile companies from the CIS, which have achieved great commercial success in the mobile market.