Last night it became known that the Russian project The Day Before is being prepared for release. This is a multi-user AAA survival, which is being developed by the Yakut studio Fntastic. The publisher is one of the most successful domestic mobile developers — MYTONA.

The Day Before

Initially, the project became known thanks to the appearance of the game page on Steam. This morning, the work on the game was confirmed on FacebookAlexey Ushnitsky, one of the founders of MYTONA. In the comments under his post, he said that the company plans to release the game not only on PC, but also on consoles. He also noted the possibility of the game appearing on mobile (although it is unclear in what form).

From the description on Steam, you can find out that the game is an MMO survival in the open world, whose action takes place in the survivors of the zombie apocalypse in the USA. Judging by the gameplay video, which also appeared in the public domain, and numerous screenshots, it can be assumed that the closest analogue of The Day Before is The Division series. Here the player also explores the city by interacting with other users. The latter can be both friendly and hostile.

The authors of Russian b2c publications, as well as their readers, managed to note that in terms of the interface and a number of visual solutions, the authors The Day Before largely focused on the already mentioned The Division, as well as on The Last of Us Part II and even Resident Evil 2 Remake.

The observations are fair, but the hostile reaction in the comments is unclear (on DTF, “Gambling“, GOHA), given the very high level of production in the demonstrated gameplay (especially against the background of regular complaints from the same b2c audience about the lack of domestic AAA). Perhaps it’s the general high level of toxicity of the audience in Russia (Western users took the announcement of the game warmly).

The Day Before may turn out to be one of the first pieces of news testifying to the PC/console diversification of Russian mobile companies that have achieved great commercial success in the mobile market. MYTONA blockbusters collect up to $10 million a month on casual games for smartphones and tablets, according to AppMagic. Now, acting as the publisher of Fntastic, previously noted worthy of The Wild Eight, she is preparing for a serious debut on “big” platforms.