The Chinese publisher NetEase has agreed with Google to include the AirTest IDE platform in the resources of the Google Firebase test lab. This will help improve the development of Android games.

AirTest is a cross—platform software package for debugging the interface of applications and games.

NetEase tested a number of mobile flagships on it, including the Fantasy Westward Journey role-playing game and the Knives Out PUBG clone.

With the help of image recognition technology, AirTest is able to determine the location of UI elements. This allows you to run tests automatically, without resorting to the introduction of additional code.

AirTest, NetEase interface
“AirTest is one of the most powerful and comprehensive solutions for automated testing of Android games,” said Justin Broughton, lead engineer at Google Firebase Test Lab.

AirTestIDE supports testing applications for Android and Windows. Work on iOS support is already underway.

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