Sensor Tower analytical company has published a big forecast for the mobile market. By 2025, annual consumer spending on applications in Russia will reach $2.7 billion, and in the world this figure will amount to $270 billion. At the same time, more than half of the total amount will be spent on games.General forecast

Sensor Tower predicts that the annual growth of the mobile market will be 19.5%.

  • In 2025, spending on mobile apps will increase 2.4 times compared to the results for 2020. $185 billion will go to the App Store, and $85 billion to Google Play.
  • In 2025, total app spending will amount to $270 billion, of which $138 billion will be on mobile games.
  • The top three leaders in revenue in Google Play by 2025 will remain unchanged: the United States, Japan and South Korea.
  • China will come out on top in the App Store, and the USA and Japan will take the second and third places.In 2020, mobile app downloads increased by 24% year-on-year and amounted to 143 billion.
  • Every year this figure will increase by an average of 10%.In 2025, the number of downloads will be 230 billion.
  • Of these, 187 billion will be on Google Play and 43 billion on the App Store.The leaders in this indicator in the App Store by 2025 will still be the USA, China and Japan, and in Google Play — India, Brazil and Indonesia.
  • Projected growth in mobile app spending (2020-2025)

Forecast for the Russian mobile market

According to Sensor Tower, in the next five years, Russia will not enter the top ten countries in the world in terms of revenue — neither in the App Store nor in Google Play.

  • At the same time, user expenses will grow by 164% by 2025 and amount to $2.7 billion (against $1 billion in 2020).
  • According to downloads, Russia will remain in the top five countries and by 2025 may rise to fourth place in the list.
  • In Europe, Russia will remain the leader in downloads — by 2025, mobile app downloads will grow by 47% and amount to 8.8 billion (against 6 billion in 2020).
  • The growth of spending on mobile applications in Europe (on the left — indicators for 2020; on the right — forecast for 2025)

Forecast by stores

Now App Store users spend the most on games, but in a few years the situation will radically change.

  • In 2025, app spending will amount to $107 billion, while users will spend $78 billion on games.According to Sensor Tower, the situation with Google Play will be reversed.
  • By 2025, the majority of user spending will be on games — $60 billion versus $25 billion on apps.Comparison of spending on mobile apps and games in the App Store

Games will remain the highest-grossing category of apps in the App Store, but their share will decrease from 66% in 2020 to 42% in 2025.

  • This is largely due to the growth in revenue of non—gaming applications – for example, the share of programs in the Photo and Video category will increase to 13% by 2025, and their revenue will exceed $ 23 billion.Mobile games will also remain the highest—grossing category on Google Play – by 2025 they will account for 71% of total revenue.
  • The revenue of applications in the categories of “Social Networks” and “Entertainment” will grow and in 2025 will amount to $4 billion and $3.5 billion, respectively.Comparison of spending on mobile apps and games on Google Play