Wanted: head of the AdQuantum traffic buying team, lead designer/lead designer of match-3 levels at NX Studio, server programmer at Banzai Games and 2d artist at WN Media Group.

Based on the job search service and the Talents In Games recruitment agency, Marina Lopatina, product manager, has prepared a selection of the most interesting vacancies for the week.

Marina LopatinaMarketing vacancy of the week

Head of the Traffic buying team (Group head media buyer) at AdQuantum (Moscow, Russia)

AdQuantum is a large marketing company, including those engaged in buying and selling traffic, creating creatives, and evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Among its partners are such firms as <url>, My.com , Delivery Club, Playkot, IQ Option, Easy Ten and others.


  • recruitment and management of a team of traffic managers;
  • working with international clients;
  • working with different client verticals (Games, Health & Fitness, Taxi, Lifestyle);
  • managing advertising budgets from $100 thousand.


  • experience in organizing the team’s work on the full cycle of mobile traffic procurement;
  • the ability to optimize approaches to procurement, scale current ones and look for new promising areas;
  • the ability to evaluate and develop the expertise of specialists in the team;
  • understanding attribution principles and experience with mobile trackers (Adjust, Appmetrica, AppsFlyer);
  • deep understanding of the principles of advertising platforms, the ability to understand technical details;
  • settings of advertising and analytical systems;
  • English at least Upper-Intermediate level;
  • willingness to be responsible for the collective result;
  • analysis of competitors and their advertising activity;
  • elaboration of buying hypotheses, independent search for new approaches to procurement;
  • understanding how to evaluate traffic quality and making efficiency decisions;
  • participation in the development of all types of advertising materials.

One of the AdQuantum campaignsDesign vacancy of the week

Lead Game Designer/ Lead Level designer Match-3 at NX Studio (Moscow, Russia)

NX Studio is known in Russia as the author of social and mobile games. Among its top titles are Hero Wars (also known as “Chronicles of Chaos”). Now this project needs an experienced game designer.


  • developing, testing and adjusting the balance of match-3 levels in Unity;
  • work on improving the level development tools;
  • development of a system of criteria for assessing the quality of levels, working with analytics;
  • creating new mechanics for both levels and meta match-3 games;
  • teamwork with other developers (game designers, screenwriters, programmers and artists);
  • maintenance of project documentation: technical specifications, concepts, databases.


  • experience in the level design of match-3 games from 2 years;
  • mobile game development experience;
  • rich gaming experience and knowledge of the modern gaming market (especially the market of mobile games of the match-3 genre);
  • willingness to take responsibility for the organization of the work of level designers, strives for the development of managerial qualities;
  • understanding the principles of mobile game monetization;
  • ability to analyze and decompose games;
  • broad horizons and the ability to draw inspiration from everywhere;
  • logical thinking and creativity;
  • sociability, the ability to coherently express thoughts orally and on paper;
  • attention to detail and ability to solve specific in-game problems;
  • ability to give and receive constructive criticism;
  • willingness to make a lot of edits in the course of work or to start a design from scratch;
  • ability to plan your work and do it on time;
  • readiness to complete the test task.

Hero WarsTechnical vacancy of the week

Java Server Side Developer/Server Programmer at Banzai Games (Moscow, Russia)

The Moscow developer of the Shadow Fight series of mobile fighting games is looking for a Java server programmer for a new mobile PvP project.


  • designing, developing and supporting meta gameplay features on the server;
  • designing a client-server protocol;
  • development of unit tests.


  • has more than 3 years of experience in commercial backend development in Java;
  • knows how to develop a server for tens of thousands of online players;
  • developed distributed systems that did not stop working when some instances failed;
  • knows Protobuf, Guava and other popular libraries;
  • writes thread-safe code, knows not only about wait() notify(), but also java.util.concurrent;
  • he constantly thinks about the efficiency of the code, is intimately familiar with profilers, knows what Sampling, Thread Dump and HeapDump are;
  • strives to make the code clear and beautiful;
  • does not like manual actions and strives for automation;
  • likes to read the documentation and study the source codes of the libraries used;
  • he likes to share experiences, look for problems in his own and someone else’s code.

Shadow Fight 3Art vacancy of the week

2d artist at WN Media Group (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

WN Games — game development direction of WN Media Group (White Nights Conference, Talents in Games, App2Top.ru ). Now it is engaged in a project in the genre of “social casino” — Treasure Slots Adventures. The team is looking for an artist who has worked with Spine, Dragon Bones.


  • creating graphic content for the game (most of the time) and social networks (as needed);
  • revision of existing materials;
  • drawing simple interface elements (windows, buttons, icons);
  • preparation of graphic elements for integration into the game (export, slicing, retouching).


  • knowledge of Photoshop;
  • work experience in game development from a year;
  • understanding how to properly prepare graphics for use in games, web or other media projects;
  • the desire to work in a team and be a part of the project;
  • understanding what is the difference between “I am an artist, I see it this way” and “it is necessary for the project” (you can clearly follow the TOR);
  • we will consider owning 3d packages as an advantage.

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