The latest information on the leaders of the American Google Play games market for the week (20.05 – 26.05) from Distimo: tops of free, paid and cash applications in one material.

We remind you that Distimo publishes total data on downloads and earnings of applications for a WEEK with a lag, respectively, of one week. 

Top Free Apps

Here, in general, the situation is funny, because the positions of casual games that show excellent results on the App Store have suddenly grown. We are talking about the Hardest Game Ever 2 and Little Dentist (for some reason, the second one has now been removed). The first found herself in the top in second place, the second in fourth, stepping up to 64 positions.

Also, the “game” with the unambiguous name Fart Sound Free proved to be quite good. She’s in eighth place. The number of its downloads managed to step over the position of 1 million. So to speak, learn how to make games for an undemanding audience. 

In tenth place is another newcomer to the free top – Megapolis from Social Quantum. Having collected a solid cash register, the project apparently aimed to embrace as many users as possible. And, you know, judging by the top, he does it well.

Top Paid Apps

World of Goo continued its victorious march to the top of the chart (thanks, one dollar discount). In a week, the project has risen by as many as six positions, overtaking Temple Run: Oz, Fruit Ninja and even Where’s My Water?. Now behind the creation of 2D BOY is the bronze of the paid chart.

Just like on the App Store, Sonic The Hedgehog broke into the paid chart (albeit with a week’s delay). The port of the original “that” Sonic jumped to a significant 40 places, knocking Wipeout out of the top.

The third major change in the top is the return of Osmos HD. The game for a solid $2.99 by Google Play standards is now in eighth place. Are microorganisms coming into fashion again?

Top Cash Register applications

Out of curiosity, it is worth noting only two things here: the capture of Rage of Bahamut third place (CSR Racing immediately slipped to 7 in a week) and the fifth position of Megapolis. The game from our compatriots rose by 8 “divisions” at once.