Testers often do not receive proper recognition in the gaming industry. Jocelyn Baxter, the screenwriter of Eidos Montreal, decided to fix the situation. She said that most of the Guardians of the Galaxy storyline was written by those who had previously been involved in testing.

Guardians of the Galaxy
On November 2, Baxter posted a tweet addressed to all developers who underestimate QA specialists.

In it, she reported how important people from this sphere were when working on Guardians of the Galaxy.

« — “This work is not at all reduced to playing all day long. It requires both diligence and interaction with the team. I would like all companies to understand this.”

Baxter’s post quickly attracted the attention of other developers. Many of them noted the excellent plot of Guardians of the Galaxy, and also stated that it is impossible to make a good game without testers. For example, David Jaffe, the designer of the God of War and Twisted Metal series, said that Guardians of the Galaxy is “one of the best written games of this year.”


Guardians of the Galaxy was released on October 26. The game received high marks from both the press and the players. First of all, the game was praised for the plot. As for the criticism, it was mainly related to the presence of a high number of technical errors. Baxter notes that the team is currently working hard to fix them.