The gaming industry continues to grow. Along with it, the number of disputable situations in the market is also increasing. It is not surprising that more and more law firms are turning their attention to the gaming business as their field of activity. We have written about Dentons and Semenov&Pevzner more than once before. Today it became known about the similar ambitions of the law firm.

Based in St. Petersburg, the company announced the launch of a separate direction – VERSUS.gamedev. This is an internal team that plans to work exclusively with game companies (publishers, developers, indie teams).

The direction is ready to be responsible not only for judicial support. It wants to pay special attention to the legal support of the gaming business in general. This includes services such as

  • execution of contracts;
  • tax assistance;
  • intellectual property protection work;
  • etc.

As part of the announcement, also launched a legal knowledge base for game studios on its website, which contains materials on topics such as “Creating a company”, “Forming a partnership” and many others.

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