Roskomnadzor will temporarily block Atomic Heart trailers on YouTube, in which the song “Music connected us” sounds. This decision was made by the Moscow City Court as part of the proceedings between Andrey Lityagin (founder of the Mirage group) and Google.

Here’s what the court’s ruling says:

“Oblige the Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications and other persons to stop creating technical conditions that ensure the placement, distribution and other use of the phonogram “Music connected us” posted on the Internet information and telecommunications network on the pages of the YouTube portal.”

We asked Roman Lukyanov, Managing Partner of Semenov & Pevzner Law Firm, to comment on the situation. He explained that usually such cases are dealt with very formally:

  • there are no disputing parties in them;
  • the court makes a decision on the application without calling the parties;
  • the application is evaluated on formal grounds (availability of supporting documents, evidence of the use of content on the Internet).

Lukyanov explained that the composer Lityagin has 15 days to file a statement of claim on the demand for which a decision on blocking was made. Otherwise, the measures (temporary ban) will be canceled.

Lukyanov also added that despite the fact that in this case a court hearing is not provided, the developers from the Mundfish studio (as well as Google) have the right to appeal the current court decision.

Recall that for the first time the Atomic Heart trailer with the song of the band “Mirage” was shown in mid-June at the E3 conference. Shortly after that, access to the video on the official YouTube channel of the Mundfish studio was closed for copyright infringement. But according to the developers, this was done illegally.

Lityagin later explained that Mundfish had not acquired all the necessary rights to his composition and promised to arrange a “judicial nightmare for many years.” To which the authors of Atomic Heart replied that they had received the entire volume of rights from another company.

At the time of writing the news, the Atomic Heart trailer with the song “Music connected us” can still be viewed on IGN, Xbox, GameSpot and a number of others.