Google talked about the latest changes in its store. As part of the Android Developer Summit, the company shared details about new tools for improving security, opportunities for monetization of applications and improving their quality. Google also announced the launch of a program for certification of marketers.

Security Changes

  • In February 2022, a new section “Data Security” (Data safety) will appear on Google Play. Users will be able to find out exactly what personal data the application collects and which of them it shares.
  • According to Google, this will help to increase user awareness and make more informed decisions about installed applications.
  • Developers must implement this section in their applications and receive approvals from the Play Store by April next year. To do this, you need to fill out a special form.

A new section dedicated to data security

  • Another tool for improving security will be the new Play Integrity API. It will allow developers to protect their games and applications from potential attacks and fraud.
  • With the help of Play Integrity, you can track the authenticity of the binary interface of the application and understand whether it runs on a real Android device with support for Google Play services.
  • The new API will be available to all developers within a few months. So far, Google is offering to participate in early access.

Improving the quality of applications

  • Now in Android Vitals, developers will be able to more easily find the source of problems and improve the performance of their applications. To do this, Google has added filters, a section with trends and information about the version of the application to the tool.

Changes in Android Vitals

  • A new Reach and devices tool has been added to the Play Console. With its help, you can understand which features and fixes will help increase the reach of the application in Google Play.
  • Google reminded about changes in the application rating system. From this month, users will be able to see ratings only from the country or region in which their account is registered. At the beginning of 2022, the rating will also be tied to the device.

Reach and devices tool


  • Google has announced a new API for sending messages inside applications. It will allow developers to inform users about the need to renew their subscription. You can extend it directly in the app without having to go to the Play Store.
  • You can implement this function in the application with a single line of code. The company also noted that the probability of subscription renewal among users who received such a message increases by 99%.
  • Google also reminded that in order to correctly monetize applications, developers needed to upgrade to the third version of the Billing Library by November 1.



  • The company has updated the tools for user login. The new SDK is available in Play Games Services and allows you to significantly simplify the login and authorization process.
  • The new toolkit is designed to make the process of authorization and saving game progress more convenient. Users will be able to continue the game from the last saved point on any device, and it will become easier for developers to integrate achievements and other functions into their projects.
  • From 2022, users will no longer have to install the Google Play Games app. This will allow more than 2 billion people to automatically log in to games and get access to the necessary services.

Certification for marketers

  • Google has launched the “Google Play Store Listing Certificate“. It will help marketers confirm their qualifications.
  • To do this, you need to take an online course. During the training, Google will tell you about the rules of listing in the Play Store, common mistakes, and also give advice on how to properly promote your application and attract an audience to it.
  • After completing the course, the specialist must pass an exam to receive a certificate from Google Play.