Valve has decided to tighten the rules regarding promotion on Steam. Now game developers can promote only Steam versions of their products on the platform.  Other sites cannot be mentioned.

The policy change is recorded in the FAQ regarding Steam Community Centers (aka community hubs). The following is reported:

In a game that is distributed via Steam, as well as within the framework of communication on Steam, it is allowed (the publisher) to promote only the Steam version of the game and the availability of the game on Steam, but not on other sites. This applies to both full versions of the game and add-ons/patches that change the existing version.

Recall that the community center is a small hub built around any game on Steam. There you can find screenshots, broadcasts, custom modifications, as well as, of course, news and discussions on a specific project.

In fact, communities are the central tool in Steam for working on audience engagement and retention. And earlier, it was on its pages that developers informed their users about the appearance of the game on other sites.

Now it will not work to promote the console release or the appearance of the project in mobile on Steam. Although, most likely, first of all, this step is directed against the Epic Games Store, which is actively increasing its user base, including through temporary exclusives.

Update from 19.08:In a comment for GamesIndustry, Valve clarified that there was no change in the rules as such.

Rather, it was about a reminder for those developers who violate the platform’s policy.

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