It is quite possible that there will be no more Windows Phone mobile operating system. The management of Microsoft Corporation is going to shorten its name to Windows, reports The Verge.


Moreover, this is how the company plans to name all its operating systems. Recall that at the moment there are Windows 8 for desktops and tablets on the market, Windows RT for ARM-based tablets, as well as incompatible Windows Phone 7 and 8 for different generations of smartphones. 

On the pages of The Verge, it is believed that a departure from such a policy will help users not to get confused in the names. In turn, it seems to us that such a step, if the next OS is not multiplatform, will lead to even more confusion. It will be even more difficult for buyers to explain why, for example, those applications that function on a “desktop” OS with a similar name do not work on their tablets. 

Also, the serial number will fall under the knife. This decision seems even more controversial. However, if Microsoft is going to move from the practice of “big releases” to the policy of “regular updates” – it is quite understandable. 

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