Microsoft has released an update for Xbox Family Settings, an application that manages children’s accounts on Xbox consoles. Now parents can set a limit on purchases in games or even ban them altogether.

As Kim Kunes, the main project manager, explains, Xbox introduced the app last September. Then it is able to limit the time that children spend playing games, monitor who they communicate with and set various restrictions. But the parents also asked to add features that would allow them to control in-game purchases.

One of the innovations is the spending limit. Now parents can top up their own wallet in the children’s account and decide how much they can spend. The child is allowed to spend this money both on microtransactions and on the purchase of games directly.

In addition, parents will receive a notification every time a child wants to buy something that goes beyond the budget. If desired, parents will be able to add money to the account or make a purchase themselves (if it is a game or an application). Or they can just click the “reject” button.

Xbox Family Settings also allowed parents to check their balance and track their purchase history.

Later, Microsoft plans to add a number of more functions to the application, but does not specify which ones.

Microtransactions are a painful topic for parents. For example, a month ago, the ParentsTogether organization accused the Roblox platform of extorting money from children. According to its representatives, children spent thousands of dollars on in-game items. Despite the fact that the children themselves may not realize the value of real money.