Google has announced Play as you download, a feature that will allow you to play games without waiting for their final download from Google Play. The innovation will work on devices with Android 12.

Google introduced the feature as part of the Games Developer Summit.

According to the company, thanks to Play as you download, applications will be launched “at least twice as fast”. The user will be able to turn on the 400 megabyte game in 10 seconds, and not in 20 seconds, as it is now. This is due to the fact that some of the game files will be downloaded in the background.

So far, the feature is only available for developers and in test mode. You can sign up for the Play as you download beta test by following the link.

Rumors that Google is working on a new file system appeared in February last year. Then the XDA Developers publication suggested that a similar feature, but focused on developers, could work on Android 12. They say that it will be easier for developers to deploy large applications and test them.

This is not the first attempt by Google to speed up the loading of games. In the spring of 2018, the company announced the launch of Google Play Instant, offering players similar features. It allowed users to open demo versions of applications directly in the store without preloading.