Subscriptions are the fastest growing type of monetization on Google Play. Over the past three years, user spending on subscriptions has increased 10-fold. Google has decided to accelerate this pace with the help of new functionality.


The company has introduced a new functionality with which developers will be able to set a special price for subscriptions for new users for a certain period – introductory prices (introductory price).

For example, it will be possible to set a monthly subscription price of $1 for the first three months, although the price may be, for example, $10.

“Together with local/special prices and trial subscription (free trials), already presented earlier, introductory prices will help you acquire more subscribers,” the official blog of Android developers reports.

Subscriptions for games and apps were first announced by Google in June this year at the same time as a similar announcement from Apple. Both app stores, in the case of using this monetization model by the developer, are ready to give him 85% of the money earned by the application (Google Play immediately, App Store after a year of payments by each specific user).