Apple continues to please with news on the eve of WWDC 2020. Yesterday, without any announcements or warnings, she updated the App Store Connect, the manager for working with iOS applications.

Recall that through the App Store Connect, developers upload programs to the App Store, add descriptions, screenshots, videos, icons to them, set keywords there, set a price, and so on, so on.

The main change that catches the eye is the new visual interface, which now corresponds to the general style of the App Store. Also on Twitter, the developers immediately noted that the service has become much faster.

Более важно другое изменение: полноценная поддержка мобильных устройств. Ранее Apple уже запускала App Store‌ Connect для As for the mobile web version of the service, it, as our colleagues with Apple Insider note, did not stand up to any criticism.

We asked Vitaly Kozlov, CEO and founder of KB Production Studio, to talk about the current update. He noted four points to which he drew attention:

  • new adapted design (now more information fits on the screen);
  • it is now possible to “fill in” video previews on Mac from any browser (“I checked in Chrome, previously this feature was exclusively in Safari);
  • now it is possible to edit the cover of a video not from Safari;
  • the service began to load significantly faster (“earlier it hung up when loading screenshots“).

As we noted at the beginning, this is not the first news from Apple before the WWDC 2020 scheduled for next Monday, June 22:

  • On June 15, the company introduced a new version of the Apple Developer application, in which articles and videos about new features are published, and in which Apple is just planning to stream an online event.
  • at the same time, the company said that the App Store ecosystem collected $519 billion in 2019. 85% of this amount went to third-party companies. Software earned $61 billion (of which IAP accounted for $45 billion, 44% of which earned games).

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