The sources of the AppMetrica analytical service appeared on GitHub. Yandex has published the code under the MIT license, which allows you to use the service in projects without restrictions. Developers only need to specify the license text in their project.

The source code includes all the functions of AppMetrica: collecting key application metrics, tracking traffic, the ability to conduct A/B tests, etc.

AppMetrica was originally an internal tool of Yandex, but in 2014 the service was made available for general use. It is reported that now AppMetrica is used daily in more than 60 thousand applications.

This is not the first time the company has posted the source code of its services in the public domain. For example, in February, Yandex published the code of the Metrica counter. Previously, he also shared the code of the YDB database management system, the YTsaurus big data platform and the framework for creating high-load userver applications.