A group of Ubisoft Paris employees anonymously complained to NME about working conditions in the studio. According to the developers, during the creation of Just Dance 2023, they were forced to work overtime regularly.

According to the developers, initially the management of Ubisoft Paris promised that it would not force rework, but over time crunches have become common practice. Employees began to openly urge to stay at work, as a result, many had to work on the new Just Dance for 13 or more hours a day.

Part of the problems of Ubisoft Paris were related to the requirements of Ubisoft itself. According to the developers, the company wanted to make a service game out of Just Dance 2023, but after the studio showed a realistic roadmap, this idea was abandoned. Ubisoft also instructed the project team to change the engine 11 months before the release and did not agree to move the release date of the game.

Recall that at the end of February, employees of another Ubisoft studio, Ubisoft Montpellier, reported similar problems. After their complaints, the Montpellier Labor Inspectorate began an inspection.