Starting from November 20, Steam will stop selling games and other products for Turkish lira and Argentine pesos. The US dollar will be used instead of these currencies.

The funds in the Steam wallets of users will be converted into dollars at the current exchange rate. Active subscriptions paid in lira and pesos will expire upon expiration, then they will need to be issued in dollars.

The changes will affect 25 countries from Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, including Guatemala, Bolivia, Paraguay, Egypt, Iraq and Morocco.

Valve reported that prices may increase in some countries, and decrease in others, depending on what prices the developers set before the changes.

As the company explained, it decided to abandon the lira and the peso due to the volatility of the exchange rate: in recent years, both currencies have been getting cheaper almost continuously against the dollar. Against this background, it has become difficult for developers to maintain prices for their games.

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