Unlike mobile, it is almost impossible to track the metrics of freeplay titles on a PC. Nevertheless, gaming expert Simon Carless tried to do it. He analyzed the Steam games released on the site over the past 12 months*.

*There is no Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 in the analysis, since its indicators are difficult to separate from those of the paid Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

Carless warned that this is an experiment and the data on the games is incomplete.

▫️Top 5 games by number of users: Overwatch 2 (6.3 million), Combat Master: Season 1 (3.1 million), Farlight 84 (2.6 million), Project: Playtime (2.1 million) and Stalcraft (1.8 million).

Top 5 games by revenue: Summoners War: Chronicles ($24.4 million), Marvel Snap ($19.3 million), Tower of Fantasy ($17.5 million), Undecember ($15.2 million) and Torchlight: Infinite ($11.5 million).

The median number of players in titles is 763 thousand. Important: we are talking about the players, not those who added the game to the library and did not launch it.

▫️The median revenue of games is $1.82 million.

The median RPP (revenue per player) of games is $2.02.

▫️In most of the highest-grossing games, the lion's share of users are from Asia.

Most of the highest-grossing games have mobile versions that significantly exceed them in revenue.

To view the top 30 fresh free-to-play games on Steam, filtered by revenue and number of players, follow the link.

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