Gaming expert Simon Carless (Simon Carless) in the newsletter of the GameDiscoverCo portal told how the audience of PlayStation, Xbox and Steam was distributed across different countries. In all cases, Russia was at least in the top 15.

▪️PlayStation. The lion’s share of the platform’s users came from the USA — 37.2%. Next are the UK (7.6%), Spain (7.2%), France (6.4%) and Germany (5.1%). Actively playing on PlayStation and in Saudi Arabia — this country accounted for 4.5% of all owners of Sony consoles. Russia took the 13th place in the rating with a share of 2.1%.

▪️Xbox. Almost half of Xbox console users live in the USA and the UK — their share totaled 48.5%. The third place went to Brazil (6.9%), and the fourth — to France (5.8%). Russia is in eighth place with a share of 3.7%.

▪️Steam. In the Steam top, Russia is located much higher than in the rest. It became the third country in terms of the number of users (9.7%), second only to the USA (13.7%) and China (12.3%).

GameDiscoverCo analyzed more than a million open accounts of gamers. In statistics, he took into account profiles in PlayStation Now and Steam, as well as reviews in the Microsoft store.