Google hosted the Google for Games Developer Summit event. As part of it, the corporation introduced a number of innovations for the Google Play app store.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

We have collected the main announcements:

  • Developers can now make discounts on games or in-game items for Google Play Pass subscribers. They can also add a limited number of exclusive offers to games for members of the Google Play Points loyalty program;

  • Google is testing a new tool to draw attention to games. Videos from YouTube channels of developers of some popular titles will start appearing in the "Games" section of Google Play. So far, only English-speaking Google Play users can see the videos;

  • The AdMob advertising platform will allow developers to add immersive advertising to games, which will be embedded in the application interface or directly into the game environment. For example, it can be placed on the loading screen or somewhere in the location;

  • Google will also allow you to customize ads for users who have never made a purchase before or have not received push notifications in the last seven days;
  • it will be possible to create a database with users who have deleted the game;
  • Google has made it easier for developers to add multiple login options to Google Play game services. As planned, it should now become easier for players to log in to games from different devices. This guarantees cross-play support — the user will be able to start playing on one device and, if necessary, continue from the same place on another;
  • Google is expanding the catalog of the PC version of the Google Play Games service, which allows you to run Android games on Windows computers. It will feature games that were developed for PC. The company indicated that there are already several such games in the catalog. Among them are Lineage2M, Odin: Valhalla Rising, Genshin Impact and Dragonheir: Silent Gods. It is worth noting that all of these titles have a mobile version, which has been distributed on Google Play for a long time.