Microsoft has published a report for the first quarter of fiscal 2024, which ended on September 30. It tells, among other things, about the successes of Starfield.

Quarterly revenue of the gaming division grew by 9% compared to last year, exceeding Microsoft's expectations. According to analysts, it reached $3.9 billion. This is the best result in the history of the first quarters of the corporation.

▫️Revenue from sales of Xbox content and services increased by 13%.

▫️Console sales revenue fell by 7%.

Gamers spent a record number of hours playing games from the Game Pass subscription.

▫️Starfield's audience has exceeded 11 million people. More than half of the hours played in Starfield were on the PC version of the title.

▫️Starfield attracted a record number of new subscribers to Game Pass on the day of release.

Microsoft expects the division's revenue to grow by 45-49% in the next quarter. Revenue growth from sales of Xbox content and services is projected at 55-59%. Thank you for the growth of the purchase of Activision Blizzard.

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