Sales of game consoles in Russia are on the rise. In a comment to the Izvestia newspaper, Russian retailers reported that PlayStation and Xbox consoles sold significantly better this August than in August 2022.

Representatives of Wildberries said that on their site sales of PlayStation and Xbox consoles increased more than four times in annual terms — by 323%. In “M.Video-Eldorado” reported a slightly less high, but still serious sales growth. According to the company, Xbox sales have almost tripled, PlayStation sales have increased even more.

Representatives of Ozon did not share figures and noted only that the demand for consoles remains “consistently high”.

Izvestia experts explained the increase in sales, in particular, by the fact that parallel imports have been established in Russia and prices for consoles have decreased. Experts also pointed out that August is a traditional time for vacations, and many gamers prefer to relax playing games.