The in-game event allowed Pokémon GO to increase daily revenues from $2 million to $4.6 million.


Halloween was celebrated yesterday, October 31. Many companies have released thematic updates to their products or launched relevant events dedicated to the holiday. One of them was Niantic.

The company held the Pokémon GO Halloween event from November 26 to November 1. As part of the event, firstly, the chance of the appearance of specific Pokemon was increased, and secondly, the number of “sweets” received for collecting, catching and breeding Pokemon from eggs was doubled (sweets in the game are an important resource for which you can increase the strength of animals and their health).

According to the Sensor Tower platform, the event allowed to increase the revenue of the game with IAP by 133% over the first five days of the event. If during the period from October 18 to October 22 (Tuesday – Saturday), the company earned about $ 10 million (about $ 2 million per day), then on the same days, but already next week, when the event began – from October 25 to October 29 – this amount increased to $23.3 million (about $4.6 million per day).


Sensor Tower does not specify why it decided to take into account the game data from October 25, when the event has not yet started.

By the way, another update was released for the game on October 24. It was exclusively UI- and UX-fixes.

On October 26, in turn, Apple doubled the number of countries in which it promotes the game using a banner on the App Store homepage (from 31 countries to 60).

A source: Sensor Tower